Are you ready to live a life full of passion & purpose?

Four months ago a friend told me she wanted to open her own salon. She was looking at spaces while preparing herself to take on the lofty endeavor. While she continued to work at the salon where she was employed, she took on some volunteer roles to pass the time. After a few weeks, she had taken on more than she anticipated, and decided to push the timeline back on her salon opening. She grew frustrated by work, exhausted by her extra responsibilities, and too drained to take care of things she needed around her home. As I watched her struggle to hold it all together, I asked why she was willing to push back her dream in order to juggle all that she'd taken on. After having some honest conversations, we identified what she was really passionate about and came up with a game plan to pursue it. Within three months, her location was secured, her team was partially established, and we began building her brand. 


Now it's YOUR turn.

I'm Val Bee, healer & strategist, and
I am batshit passionate about helping others.

I've always been obsessed with people. Whether in a book or in person, I love hearing other people's stories, learning their details, what motivates them, and what makes them tick. This curiosity led me to study psychology, sociology, gender & cultural studies. Everything I could learn about people, I did. After spending over ten years in the industry, planning events, fundraising, and stewarding donors, I found myself really struck by my interactions with people. While I loved bringing people together for a good cause, what I really enjoyed were the connections I made. People knew, regardless of what company I worked for, I genuinely cared about their challenges & concerns, and was committed to doing what I could to fix them. It was through those talks that I helped people uncover what truly mattered, and what they needed to move past. I helped them remove their emotions from situations in order to make objective decisions that helped them reach their ultimate goal. I began to understand how much our experiences bond us & alleviate shitty feelings that we're going thru something alone, which is also an important component of being a service worker. Even as professionals, whether we're building a brand or shopping for one, we relate to that which feels tangible and authentic. We connect to that which feels familiar, to those who tell their story, share their struggle, and admit failures as they navigate success. As I continued to have these conversations, my bonds and ultimately my network grew. People put their trust in me, connected me to others. I began to unpack my own experiences, and gained a clearer understanding of what was important to me. I found my why.


Let's work together to identify what you value most.


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Before you set your goals, set your intentions.

The first time I truly felt empowered, I had been working for a company for just over a year. It was a good experience but had little growth. It was one of the first real jobs I had, so I felt obligated to stick it out. But eventually I grew bored and just couldn't do it anymore. So one day, I walked in, quit, and walked out. I remember feeling a rush of emotions - fear, shock, excitement. I called my mom expecting the worst, and told her what happened. Instead of disapproval, she laughed, and asked what I was going to do next.

As I continued to face obstacles in my life and career, I undertook things as foolishly & headstrong as I'd handled that former experience. I trusted when things didn't feel right, and when others felt aligned, I marched on. I started to really examine the reasons I put effort into certain things, yet was quick to discard others. The more I began to understand my why, the easier it became to navigate decisions I was faced with. I felt strong, and in control of situations that effected me. It changed my life completely. 


It's time YOU felt this empowered.


Have you ever wished you had someone to talk to?

Whether about business, that idiot you went back to but don't want to tell your friends, or how "over it" you're feeling...
Do you sometimes feel like life is happening To you rather than as a result of decisions you make? 
Are you going thru the motions but can't figure out why you should even bother?

Then you're in the RIGHT place.

It is possible to feel like YOU are in control of your decisions.

And I am the coach that will get you there.

We will uncover what you want then develop a strategy.

With the $35 for 30 Program, you get my undivided attention for 30 minutes for just $35.
This can be spent on the phone, in person, via text, or however fits you best.

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This work isn't cut & dry, but each session will be spent developing a strategy to tackle your fears!

Are you ready to live a life full of passion & purpose?